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Another Meeting with NY State Lawmakers!

Posted by Diabetes Mama on April 29, 2014 at 11:45 PM


April 28, 2014 - Huntington H.S. Sophomore, Annalise Mozer, was once again invited to NY's State Capitol in Albany by the American Diabetes Association, to join their delegation to advocate/lobby for Senate Bill 4473* - the "Safe At School Diabetes Care Bill."  The delegation consisted of 2 teams of 8 members each, covering meetings with 18 Senators & Assembly Members.  Annalise was part of the "downstate team," which held 9 separate 1/2-hour meetings with lawmakers, with the hope of getting the "Safe At School School Diabetes Care Bill" closer to becoming law.


The ADA's delegation was once again led by it's Northeast & Carolina's Advocacy Director, Stephen Habbe.  Mr. Habbe was happy to have Annalise as part of the team again, for this - her third - visit, & reminded her of what an honor it is for someone so young to have this rare & important opportunity.  The day's agenda was fast-paced & exhausting, but well-worth everyone's efforts.  Included among the Senators & Assembly Members with whom Ms. Mozer & the delegation met were Sen. John Flanagan (Chair of the Senate Education Committee), Sen. David Valesky (Member of the Education & Higher Education Committees), & Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan (Chair of the Assembly Education Committee). As Mr. Habbe said after the meetings, "We have some challenges ahead of us...but also are seeing some understanding and hopefully a degree of consensus about the self-management issues, which is definitely good! We’ll keep working on this to see what we can get done."


Ms. Mozer was thrilled to once again play such an integral role in this very important work - & is willing to go back to NY State's lawmakers as many times as it will take to get this bill moving in the right direction!  Said Ms. Mozer of her experience, "I feel so incredibly honored to have been asked again by the ADA to be part of their delegation. I am fully committed to this effort, & will be happy to be a part of the ADA's future advocacy trips to our State's Capitol." Annalise is truly grateful to have had yet another opportunity to be a part of this meaningful cause, & hopes that her presence in Albany - along with everyone else in the delegation - helped to make a real difference.  


(*This legislation was filed by Senator Carl Marcellino, and is co-sponsored by Assemblyman Michael Benedetto. Senate Bill 4473 is an act to amend NY State education law in relation to care for pupils with Type 1 Diabetes. The bill supports NY State's children with diabetes, by allowing school staff to volunteer to be trained to supplement care provided by the school nurse, on those occasions when the nurse cannot be present (such as with extended day programs or on field trips). Bill 4473 also ensures that students who are capable of self-managing their diabetes be allowed to do so while in school, with the permission of their parents and clinician. Authorizing self-management is of paramount importance, as it would allow for more responsive, timely diabetes care, which would result in taking less time away from the classroom and overall academic studies. Although NY State does not currently have a law supporting this premise, over 30 other states across the country have already adopted this type of legislation.)

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