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2013 JDRF Youth Ambassador Original Art 16" x 20" Poster Print


"The Hope Tree" 16" x 20" Poster Print


From a seed, grows a dream…and from that dream, blossoms hope...


Just as the Mighty Oak springs forth from one tiny acorn, the same can be said of new discoveries. From the brilliant minds of the scientists and researchers who are all working together to find a cure for type 1 diabetes - new hope comes from the seedlings of their ideas and dreams - and we are getting closer to that ultimate goal, every single day.


Our Youth Ambassador's Tree was born from this concept: That when we come together as a community - sharing passion for a common goal - hope blossoms into a beautiful reality!


Each separate leaf and "blue circle blossom" that you see on this tree was created by using watercolor paintings made by 33 of our JDRF Youth Ambassadors. These kids came together to produce this meaningful work of art - a powerful visual statement of a wish that we all share...to FIND A CURE for type 1 diabetes.

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