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Creative Coping


What exactly is "Creative Coping"? No - this is not a section about alternative medicine or holistic solutions to Type 1 Diabetes.  Instead, it is our hope that this will be a place for sharing.  Specifically - to share our thoughts, dreams, hopes & feelings - creatively.  What we'd like to do, is to encourage those of you also dealing with this disease in your children's lives, to write poems, essays, songs, etc. about your experience, & share them with the rest of the "2 Sweet 4 Sugar" community.


I personally find great comfort in coping with things creatively.  As an artist & musician, I find great healing power in being able to express myself through creativity - whether it be by writing a poem, doing a painting, playing the violin...or even just listening to music that puts a smile on my face, on a particularly bad day.


To get things started, I've pasted a poem that I wrote a few months ago, about my daughter's life since her diagnosis.  It is called "Shifting Imagery," & in it, I make references to artistic images, focusing mainly on "colors."  We encourage you to send us your original poems, essays, stories, etc.  If it's appropriate, we'll upload it to this section of the site.  Feel free to also share any other creative ditties that you may have come across & think would be helpful to those visiting this site.  (If your submission is not an original one, please give it the proper credit.  Thanks!)



To share your entry, please send it to our e-mail address, & we'll upload it: 





Thank you!  We look forward to seeing your thoughts on how you Cope, Creatively!


A poem written from a mom's perspective...


Shifting Imagery


Sunny, YELLOW, beautiful child,

whose spirit soars beyond the sky...


When you were born, our palette grew,

expanding into wondrous hues!


COLORS never seen before,

delivered splendor to our door.


A masterpiece like none yet known,

you effervesced with neon's glow.


And not just visual delight -

Your song sprang forth - so bold, so bright!


A symphony of zest & charm,

like hugs wrapped in a thousand arms.


Our lives enriched by heaven's art,

off to a rejoicing start!


Canvas complete! All is fine.

But that was... 











Then one cold & dark March day,

our palette faded into GRAYS;

"She's sick," we heard the doctor say...

And fear took hold, like hard'ning clay.



"Diabetes?" How can it be?

It isn't in our family.






Life's mission changed inside a blink,

with the stroke of doctor's ink.


Our gallery, now stocked anew -

with scary images threatening you.


Broad strokes no longer shape our art,

we paint, instead, with pointillists' dots.


Soft watercolors...gone away,

searing sharps now take their place.




Our palette's now most RED & BLUE,

and CLEAR'S the color saving you;


SILVER needles do their chore,

they keep you safe from BLACK'S dark door.


Daily struggles give us pause -

As pricking, stabbing, illness claws.


Counting sweet things, one-by-one -

Biding time till testing's done...


Skittish numbers, high - then low,

never knowing where they'll go.




But - even though your portrait's changed,

your COLORS have not seemed to fade...


Inspiring all who fight this fight,

you fill our hearts with brilliant pride!


You're now my coach, you teach with grace,

'bout how to deal with this new place.


A better muse I've never known,

though through my life I've halfway flown;


You trumpet strength, to our delight!

(E'en when BLUE flows from your eyes.)




Our canvas may be streaked with tears,

of "Once Upon A Times" & fears,


But now we count our blessings - all,

and try to never "sweat the small."


Yes - now we paint with different hues,

We do in life, we do what we must do.


A hero's born...she lives in YOU!



A poem written by my daughter about her diagnosis experience...



Three-Word Memory 


The hope of escaping that three-word memory,

Those few words running through my head,

I am suddenly scared and my heart weighs heavily,

"You have diabetes" she said.


The lady with the big brown eyes

Sits down at the edge of my bed,

Thinking that it's only a lie,

Cheeks and eyes start feeling red.


The hope of taking no more shots,

And dreams of no more finger pricks;

My mind races with frightening thoughts;

That three-word memory will always stick.


I look around at people staring,

And the rush of embarrassment hits me.

Those faces peering do not seem caring,

They cannot hear my silent screams.


As the first tear falls and hits my cheek,

Remembering that I used to be "normal."

That three-word memory makes me weak...

No longer do I feel like I'm immortal. 


All I ask is for one free day

to live like everyone else

and make it go away…


People always ask if it hurts

But I lie and I say






Written by Annalise Mozer, Age 13

(Diagnosed at age 11 - March, 2010) 



Poems by contributor & friend, Amy Wohl...


Live the Dream

by Amy Wohl


Though we think life is hard

and the obstacles are too much to bear

there are those who don't mind it a bit

and those who feel the hardest hit

But, we must remember

that we just live the dream

until we wake and find

that life is what we make

And this time round

won't mean a thing

cause the pain won't last

and the future will finally catch up with the past

And today's not really as bad as it seems

find someone to love and live out your dreams

and don't take it so hard

you can do what you want

We're not here for a very long time

So aim your eyes high and make your days rhyme

stride towards the heavens, 'cause in the end

the next day you live, you'll do it again.





Mist of a Waterfall

by Amy Wohl

May you always stay the way you are

cause you are the mist of a waterfall

with rainbow colors all around

and I know the sound of a waterfall

Who knows what will happen today

will we fly or will we fall

but may you always stay the way you are

cause you are the mist of a waterfall

You are heaven and earth combined

and sing in the rain and follow it blind

and when you're alone and hanging around

you cry to the heavens without a sound

and all of the mist flies all around

May you always stay the way you are

cause you are the mist of a waterfall.